H.O.T - final step!

One of my big dream is that having all these silkscreen equipments (should be exactly the same) in my house. So that I can print all the time at home FOREVER! :D
I love you.
I love you.
Waited for drying screens. A nice crab image printed by Dominick in 2008 on my apron! I really want to say goodbye to wearing my Vans. (want to be a woman!)

The most labor-intensive part of the book, folding, gluing, printing cover ( the real BIACH!), and binding. Standing for 6 hours for folding them all... and they HAD TO be all precise!!!
Bonus pic- Murray's Bagels in Chelsea where is Tomi and I's hot spot. I went twice in last week for having plain Tofu cream cheese bagel for dinner. haha (never for breakfast... sorry, too heavy...) Their tofu cream cheese is DOPE!

It's about time! :D

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Adela Minkyung Kang said...

I love murray's bagels too! I was visiting NYC and had so many places to go in such a short time, which meant one visit for each. But I went Murrays three times, I think, even if that meant having a second breakfast. It was worth it!
is the studio yours or a share? I always wanted to do intense screen printing but never get an access to facilities...