ADC 90th Awards Gala

It was held on May 10th 2011 at Hotel Eventi.All works were amazing!

Thanks again!
My second gold cube from ADC! After party I really enjoyed! Student section Here's my work!Hello
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Thanks again! still can't believe. The gold cube was HEAVY!
You are the best ADC! ;)

Play Boy 2011

Coloring processB & WMy new see-thru desk!

I cross my fingers for this piece. It was fun to illustrate the story named 'Hot Damn!' :)


MFAI thesis show gallery photos

In the opening day. It was blasted!!! Lots of people came and couldn't even breath for two hours. ha!
Project room 1 view
different view
My work and I! :D
My American "Dad" David Sandlin and I were after finishing installation. Cannot explain how much I thank to David. It's just endless. My true inspirations!

Thanks for coming to the show!
Now I cannot believe all is over, and already miss the past two years. ( or five....!!!!)
I should thank to SVA a lot! ;)

If you missed the show, two pieces of H.O.T will be exhibited at IPCNY New Prints 2011/ Summer show. (It is on a block away from SVA gallery in Chelsea)

New Prints 2011/Summer - Selected by Trenton Doyle Hancock

Opening Reception: June 9, 6-8 pm
On View: June 9 - July 29, 2011

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