Essex street market

Check out my new images for Buying Lenin book.

Here are some drawings from Essex Street Market.
I had fun with my homies, and ate lots of food there.
The guy who was drawn in cupcake page gave me a shock about my eating.
(I shared my hot carrot muffin and pistachio cupcake with three guys, but he thought I ate all by myself... yeah... mostly I ate... that's true)
He told me most Asian people not usually eat that much.
neh neh neh boo boo!!! but it was fun! and I'll definitely go his bakery again.

I enjoyed using pencils for my drawings, but not sure they are good enough.

ps. if anyone related to any restaurant that I can visit for drawing project once in a week, please pleease pleeease e-mail me jungyeon@jungyeonroh.com


Some gifts?

Long time no blogging.
sorry blog.

I currently got some new books that I've waited for a long time.

Firstly, I got an AI 28 book which includes my sushi images published last November.
It was loooong waiting for me, and it arrived my mailbox just two days ago.

Second, from my undergrad school's Illustration 30& Cartooning portfolio 2009.
They gave me 5 books each, and hundreds of tear sheets. I didn't expect to get them that much, so my arms have extra muscles now... and still sore...

The last one is, Synonym Finder. haha. I'll memorize all of them, and make you surprise soon!! very soon.

For this semester's drawing on location book project, I went to Barnes & Noble.
Always I felt bad when I drew people without asking.
I tried to draw a dad and son at the children section, but as soon as the dad noticed that I drew them, he hurried to leave.

Wow... where should I choose for drawing on location?
Willy and Benny said I'm so lazy because I wanted to pick one place in my neighborhood, but.... I don't know where is the best place.

However, I got the Wild Thing's monster 75% off price from the B&N.


Society of Illustrators 52

I was nervous at that time as you can see my tongue twister...
You know who the "teacher" is? :D
Thanks again for the amazing prize!

Society of Illustrators 52
Sequential and uncommissioned exhibition
Jan 6~23th, 2010

128 East 63rd street (between lex & 3rd)
New York, NY 10065


2010 New book project

Either this proposal will be accepted or not, I had so much fun to just think about this book.
The main character is still Miss Eggplant.

The top three priorities are,
- hilarious
- honest
- hot

and...of course, HARD WORK....sigh...
Sorry... can't tell you more for now.