thumbs of the 7 ex-boyfriends.

I'm sure this project is going to be a lot of work for the summer.
This graphic novel is kind of my autobiography....ooohh~~ I'm so shy...lol
I'm too honest to be an attractive woman cartoonist- gross!!!
so far? so good.


Open studio pics!

Thanks for coming to our open studio.

Thanks to my friends for taking the pics of my work!!! - I just stole all pics from the FACE BOOK!! lol

The first pic is showing my new work color wheel which is the last piece of my desire series.- Thanks TM!!

Jungyeon's shop coming soon!!!


A dreamy brave nerdy girl

Since my undergradute last class ended, I've been thinking of the past three years in New York.
How I am a brave girl to come to NY which has nothing belongs to me; friends, family, even language....
My goal was 'studying' when I decided to come to NY, and I have been doing JUST 'studying Illustration' for past three years.
I'm still not good enough to be satisfied with my dreams, but I gained a lot of things.

Now, I have to do make a graphic novel which has to be over 60 pages during summer.
I've been thinking of what should I draw since I got a suggestion to do.
The half of my head has an idea of making it about My Seven ex- boyfriends' story, and another half want me to do 'My eighth boyfriend in the future'.

I'm trying to forget all about my country Korea for a while.
If I missed my country so badly, that helped me nothing to make this situation better....
I feel like being separated with my country little bit these days since I met Tom.

I don't know I could finish 60~80 pages of inking comic pages for 4 months,
but I'll try my best as always.

It is good for me to know what should I do for the future.
I'm pretty lucky girl.
but I still miss Soju.