I remember last april how much I was looking forward to having a loooooong summer vacation.
Two days ago, I got a 'Fall 2008 sticker' from SVA,and I realized that I have to get ready to go to the 'WAR' again.
My best friend Allie always said that " you are lucky cause you have one more year." and she finally decided that going to korea and japan to be an English teacher.
I had a lot of plans for this summer vacation, but I'm not sure I did all of them sucessfully.
However, I believe that this summer I gained a lot for my life.
also I lost few founds of my weight! - Is it good sign to be a skinny bitch??? haha.

My website is almost getting ready, but I'm still worried about it.
I should have made my business card after I making my website.- how fool I am.....
I'm so glad that I have one more year to attend SVA.
I can't believe I'm going to be a student of amazing artists in New York for next year!
and I'm also excited that I'm going to use illustration senior studio!!!^^
I hope I'm doing good for next year and always wish me luck!