HOLY SHIT! Another Gold Cube from Art Directors Club 90th!

I'm sure America LOVES me to stay here.
When I first logged into the award results page, I distrusted my eyes.
Winning three gold cubes in a year could be just "never-happening" thing, so I happily cried and asked ADC.

They said,

"The jury wanted to award ALL your work which is why they grouped them together as a compilation. They did not award you 3 Gold cubes, they awarded you 1 Gold cube for all 3 projects.
They had very few Gold winners, and they didn't want to award only 1 of the books, so they grouped them together. "

HOLY SHIT! I got another gold cube this year! It's not a dream!!! And I did really know why people cried out when they had the happiest moment.

Thanks America, Thank you ADC! It will be really helpful to get my O-1 Visa!! Foooor suuuurrrreeee!!! :D
So, here's the winners' announce page that they posted today, and made me get excited to find my name again under the Illustration Category! :D (Thank you & Thank you!)

Not only this news made me happy today.

Here's an interview I did with Co-op Branding which is a dreamy design company in New York.
Click HERE to see my complete interview that I prepared with Co-op since last summer.
Some episodes behind, and it was supposed to be a video clip.
But next time, I'll show my face! haha
Thanks soooo much to Joan and Thu! xo

Other bloggings about me posted today were from The Fox is Black and Meathaus.
Thanks so much! Today must be a good day for all the good news!

Oh, I just updated my website with all the new images from my thesis (H.O.T) project!
Check out and please come to our thesis show !
We just finished installation yesterday.
You can see all the original prints and my book, and other 20 artists' amazing works!
Thanks again for all!!





Jungyeon's sixth handmade book H.O.T- only 5 books in the world! :D It's finally done. I couldn't just believe the fact that I was done, and made me extremely happy every morning for a while. No more pressure for school! GOD!Got Communication Arts 52 few days ago. For me, it was the most valuable thing than any others to be in! because it was my first time to get into the magazine, and it's my favorite Townies series about being a Korean/Chinese girl living in New York! - yay that's me!
Bonus pic- Central park at night. (a lonely runner kept running day and night!)

Finally all done. I did make it! only next two days for the installation and everything will be really done!
It's time to enjoy my life finally!!!

For five years in America, I ONLY did study. STUDY STUDY.! ( never been to Circle, some Koreans asked me. haha... where is it?...) I didn't really go to Korea Town either. ( once in a year?...)
Some people who first met me treated me as a normal Korean girl, because of my appearance?... but sorry, I'd say I'm not. (yeah...I'm abnormal...) but I miss Korea for sure.

I was never that kind of nerd in Korea, but I changed a lot while I lived/studied here alone. ( of course I have a sister)
Believe it or not, when I was in high school, my second year teacher highly recommended me to
be a comedian. Some very famous celebrities went to the same high school as me at that time, so it could be a possible thing if my teacher really pushed.... haha

However, America made me change as a serious hard worker and extraordinary goody two-shoes. which is good for me in the Long Run.

I'll update the H.O.T images soon on my website!

Oh, and here's the images that have been selected to appear in American Illustration 30 Annual book.
Thanks so much! the party will be Nov 10, 2011! cool?!

Now, it's time to prepare my Artist Visa for a year.
At the final review with Marshall, David and Josh, I got a mission.
Oh, and Marshall emphasized " You are a funny girl. huh huh~" He probably saw my old-potential to be a comedian.

I can't tell what the mission was, but the mission will be possible. hopefully soon! ;)
The funny thing is that they all wanted me to keep working hard. sigh.... haha
OK, I will!


Woman Power 03- Sue Coe

Sue Coe (born 1951 in Tamworth, Staffordshire) is an English artist and illustrator working primarily in drawing and printmaking, often in the form of illustrated books and comics. She grew up close to a slaughterhouse and developed a passion to stop cruelty to animals. Coe studied at the Royal College of Art in London, lived in New York City from 1972 to 2001. She currently lives in upstate New York. Her work is highly political, often directed against capitalism and cruelty to animals.

Her work has appeared in The New York Times, RAW, and Time magazine, and her paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museum around the world, including New York's Museum of Modern Art. Her previous books include How to Commit Suicide in South Africa (1983), X (1986), Dead Meat (1996) and Pit's Letter (2000). Judith Brody co-authored Bully with Coe in 2004.

H.O.T - final step!

One of my big dream is that having all these silkscreen equipments (should be exactly the same) in my house. So that I can print all the time at home FOREVER! :D
I love you.
I love you.
Waited for drying screens. A nice crab image printed by Dominick in 2008 on my apron! I really want to say goodbye to wearing my Vans. (want to be a woman!)

The most labor-intensive part of the book, folding, gluing, printing cover ( the real BIACH!), and binding. Standing for 6 hours for folding them all... and they HAD TO be all precise!!!
Bonus pic- Murray's Bagels in Chelsea where is Tomi and I's hot spot. I went twice in last week for having plain Tofu cream cheese bagel for dinner. haha (never for breakfast... sorry, too heavy...) Their tofu cream cheese is DOPE!

It's about time! :D


SVA MFA Illustration 2011 Thesis show!

Click HERE
to see the evite. Here's the invitation card. We drew each other. (card design by Philip Cheaney)
Luckly, I picked Jess's name. haha! My drawing of Jess Worby who is one of the talented humblest peer illustrators around me. He naturally made me laugh in good ways all the time. :)
More luckly, Philip picked my name!! I was honored to be drawn by Philip Cheaney who is one of my favorite classmates!Bonus pic- I'm going to be a 귀신 soon. I have the longest hair I've never had in 10 years! wahaha~~ should cut at least 5 inches soon. or grow my hair with finger and toe nails and becomes a fortune teller on the 21st street. :P
Here is the info of our thesis show.

Thursday, May 5 · 6:00pm - 9:00pm

School of Visual Arts Student Gallery, 601 West 26th St, 15th floor, New York, NY

Mark your calender, save the date!
All welcomes to come to the show! I'll see you there and let's have fun!! :D


H.O.T- a month left!

SVA Printshop where I spent most of my time this semester.
Important elements for silkscreen.
C- You rock tapes.
M- My love love love transparency!
Y- Sharpie paint marker you dope.
K - Don't ever ignore a tiny piece of cardboard.
Bonus pic- my "G.B.F" Will and I took a commencement photo few days ago. I just love the awkwardness of us and the pink background. Sorry to steal this photo... haha but we needed to have fun!