Here are the mock-up for brand new web-site MissEggplant.com
I might change little, but so far, my teacher and I really liked it.
I'm thinking of making a Vegan cooking/food blog linked to it.
The new website could be opened over the summer.

I'm glad now I'm drawing the last page of American Boys.
Even though I made a rule, I drew some American Boys randomly or accidently. ( I should have asked in a relationship or not...!!) lol
The boys who were already drawn in the pages all wanted to be the boy in the center-poster size page.
Four boys came to my studio, and asked " Is this me? Is this me?"....O.M.G... It was too obvious that the boy definitely didn't look like them. haha
I realized the truth of American Boys= Full of Jealous! :P
But I'm glad they were willing to be drawn by me even though some boys became really gross... (sorry Jonathan...and Rich, I drew you, but you were E.T...) sorry, but it's too late to change... :P




There are Philip's beautiful works inside of Miss Eggplant!
Hi efi! :D
Hello art geeks!
Today is Wednesday which has Marshall & Carl's critique class.
My plans are finishing inking until the end of March, and starting coloring in April.
The beautiful weather is mismatch with a geeky girl who has to finish a book by the end of April.

I stopped by a cute vegan bakery Baby Cakes today, and bought four cupcakes!!!
Oh, yes, it made my day!!! ha!

I never feel like or say I am "giving up" my favorite foods to be vegan.
Those words have a negative connotation, like I am sacrificing something.
I am NOT giving up anything, and look at those cute cupcakes!
Their tastes are even better and totally lighter, and I don't need to feel guilty!
I am simply empowered now and able to make educated, controlled choices about what I will and won't put my body.
Even if I am spending more on vegan/organic food, I'll save money in the long run.

Sorry, these days my head only includes 49% of my work, and 49% of vegan things.
That's why I'm blah blah blah~~

What's 2%?


Rainy Sunday

Once in two weeks, my sister and I clean our apartment.
Last week, I tried to feel lighter physically, mentally, emotionally with fasting for ten days.
Of course, I gave up one and a half day after I starting... sorry... :(
The reason I tried to do it is keep drawing on the desk EVERYDAY without my personal life made me feel fatty-dork-geek.
But all I can do right now is, giving up fasting and waiting til Summer vacation.
I wish New York's weather has only Summer.
No wind,rain,snow.... :(

After finishing cleaning, we usually ate some special food.
Today's special food was sesame kale!
I tried to imitate Whole Foods' sesame kale without recipe, but my sister said mine is even better!
But right after she ate some, she baked some turkey bacon for fulfilling her stomach.

I stopped by Desert Island few days ago, and got the Unlovable vol.2!
It made my day!
I love love love it so much! and couldn't stop laughing while I was reading.
I wish I could make Miss Eggplant book as funny as Unlovable.
But I still need much more efforts.
All I have to do is working hard because "school is my first priority."


finished coloring for second ex-"bf"!

I finished coloring for the second ex- boyfriend story.
Now, I have three copies of mini comic books! (I'll make more... if people like it!)
I'm planning to submit for an exhibition.

I realized that drawing too gross and disgusting face and body like this are too much for all.
My sister said only I like that kinds of things.
My teacher also said only three pimples in the face are OK, so my upcoming project Miss Eggplant is going to have a "pretty" face with ONLY few pimples.

I hope this work got into the show.


Working process

I know, what happened to me... how could I do blogging again?
I can tell it because of being effected by Julie Powell- she posted Five hundreds something recipes up in 365 days.

yes, I'm not an enjoyable-cook like her, and I'm a student illustrator who is working on a silly-funny book named Miss Eggplant's American Boys.
My teachers expect to see one finished piece by Wednesday, but I didn't decide what color I'm going to use, so I'm still doing endless drawing/ inking/drawing/inking...sigh...
But, I'm really into this project than any others that I did past 4 years, so it made me naturally concentrate well.

I drew Harold & Kumar as two of the American boys, so I watched their movie last night again.
Harold was a symbol of Twinkie, and one of his white friends had a Yellow Fever.
Cindy Kim liked Harold, but he liked Maria.
He didn't even talk well to Maria because he's too shy as a quite clean Asian guy.
Before Herold and Kumar took the glider from a mountain, Kumar said something about his parents, and it's about American dreams and F.O.B.
The honest reality things drove me crazy about the movie.
That's my style.! I love that!!!

I naturally learned American culture day by day through my classes and friends.
Somethings made me embarrass sometimes,but all of them are good to know living here.
I hope I'll be a likable person with well-understood American culture, not made them love only my work.

I wish I'll do well until the end.