Working process

I know, what happened to me... how could I do blogging again?
I can tell it because of being effected by Julie Powell- she posted Five hundreds something recipes up in 365 days.

yes, I'm not an enjoyable-cook like her, and I'm a student illustrator who is working on a silly-funny book named Miss Eggplant's American Boys.
My teachers expect to see one finished piece by Wednesday, but I didn't decide what color I'm going to use, so I'm still doing endless drawing/ inking/drawing/inking...sigh...
But, I'm really into this project than any others that I did past 4 years, so it made me naturally concentrate well.

I drew Harold & Kumar as two of the American boys, so I watched their movie last night again.
Harold was a symbol of Twinkie, and one of his white friends had a Yellow Fever.
Cindy Kim liked Harold, but he liked Maria.
He didn't even talk well to Maria because he's too shy as a quite clean Asian guy.
Before Herold and Kumar took the glider from a mountain, Kumar said something about his parents, and it's about American dreams and F.O.B.
The honest reality things drove me crazy about the movie.
That's my style.! I love that!!!

I naturally learned American culture day by day through my classes and friends.
Somethings made me embarrass sometimes,but all of them are good to know living here.
I hope I'll be a likable person with well-understood American culture, not made them love only my work.

I wish I'll do well until the end.

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