Online shop reopen!

NOW it's time to buy Jungyeon's stuff at my online shop- click HERE
I'm also selling my framed screen prints and a color wheel book!
Enjoy shopping at my online shop! :D


Nurse Jackie & Hotaru no Hikari

Yesterday, I couldn't even breath well after hard core exercising from the print shop, I got a voice mail.
An unbelievable amazing awesome thing was happened to me because Lauren, who is an art department coordinator of Nurse Jackie in Show time, bought my two prints from the Desert Island!
I shared my good news with my lovely homies and Marshall today, and I signed the agreement.
I'm so excited to see my Buddha's from American TV show!
Now, I have something to do for Christmas break- watching Nurse Jackie season 1 from Hulu!

Another "awesome" drama series that I recommend to watch you who has no plan for Christmas is Hotaru no Hikari.
The 80% of main character's life style is the same as mine.
(the main character is too cute unlike me and live with a man, so it can't be 100%)
The main character is a kind of homebody girl, and met her prince at work.
But the prince is different as her dream in reality.
I watched this series 2 years ago, and still this is my favorite Japanese drama that I've ever watched.
Her story is somewhat similar as Miss Eggplant's. haha

Anyway, Thanks again!
Can't wait until Season 2 epi 11 of Nurse Jackie! :D


December 5th 11am~7pm

Here is the info of your new plan for next Saturday. (December 5th)
I'll be there with my books, prints and postcards.
Hope to see my homies there!! xoxo

Our Lady of Consolation Church
184 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211


something new

I did the top two drawings last week in carol's class.
That was my amazing unexpected experience of drawing Dirty Martini show girls at school.
Drawing various models is the greatest worth while I study abroad in America.
If I was in Korea, I never had that kind of experiences there.

The middle two pictures that I took today for preparing tomorrow's open studio.
My new works up on my studio! but not yet in the website.

Today, we went to Gleason's Gym for carol's drawing class.
It was also an unforgettable experience drawing boxers. ( oh, smells also.)
Me and my new pink camera in the mirror. :D

I gotta do a looooot of work.....from now on... aw...


Miss Eggplant

I broke or lost my _

hard drive which has all the important files that I've made since 2006,
my favorite brush pen which I bought just one month ago,

Such a tragic and stupid boring life!!!

but I found my favorite Asian boy from You Tube which became my recent hobby.
Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CqbZNHaf1o that I listen at least 10 times in a day.
He is only one who makes me laugh a lot these days.
These are all happened since last week.
I'm so out of mind.... but yeah...still doing comics.

To see my new comic click eggplant icon at http://www.jungyeonroh.com/


postcard design

We went to American Museum of Natural History yesterday for drawing class.
The assignment was four drawings of post card designs.
I really enjoyed the time and putting my character into the postcards, and everybody said "you are funny~haha."

I made the first and second images for the front and back images of my finished postcard.
If you want to get one, leave your address. ;)



I should have posted up my studio pictures, but my work wasn't ready yet before.
But after forcing myself to finish inking Buying Lenin at the studio, I just took the photos.
I'm still working on it, but my right shoulder told me that he wants to get some rest.
I hope to start printing next Monday.

and, I miss you.



I went to Desert Island with my genius awsome friend Tomi today.
We both had some good news, and my Public Bath book was also sold few days ago. ( not only sushi book...!!)
Desert Island is my favorite book store which only has awsome stuff that I really like.
The thing I really like is if I sold my stuff there. I can also get my favorite books instead of money. If i want.
I traded part of my money on my favorite books which I borrowed from the SVA library since I was there. ( I borrowed Vanessa's book one hundred times... lol)
I was so much inspired by Jeffrey, Vanessa and Adrian's stories to make my seven ex-"boyfrineds" comic.
Especially Vanessa's book is the one which made me start doing comic.
The only different thing is - Jeffrey and Vanessa's stories about relationships are all true, but my boyfriends are not "REAL BOYFRIENDS"...unfortunately... ( 7... sometimes people asked me, " Did you have seven ex- boyfriends?? my answer is, " OMG, I wish I could...)
So, now I'm really happy for having them all to myself.
But, I couldn't buy SHORTCOMINGS by Adrian... it was sold out. So, I chose the favorite chapter of OPTIC NERVE.
I'm also really appreciated the kindest people who I never met and bought my clumsy books.
Thanks again!!
Oh! now I'm selling my latest prints -Competitive eating and Watching what we eat @ DESERT ISLAND! $25 each.
I have big smile every time I went there. (Thanks Gabe and Tomi!)


New book project.

Here is the project that I started this semester for a class.- Buying Lenin by Miroslav Pankov.
It will be double sided accordion silkscreen book. I hope I could be successfully done at the end of this semester.
I was out of mind for the past few days, and then I finally realize that oh...I'm in New York now... I have to wake up from the stupid dreams.
The last picture is a bonus - me and my new dog at the running track in Central Park. I'm glad to have this dalmatian even though it's not a real. :D


Vanessa Davis

This is why I like her comics.
Working at the studio all day...I'm half dead...


on location drawing- governors island

One beautiful day, we went to governor's island for location drawing.
We drew our journey through the festival from one end to the other.
For preparing to make a masterpiece, my friend and I bought a cup of Heineken.
It helped me to refresh, but it didn't really work well for my drawings...lol
I really enjoyed the time,but none of them are my favorite... unfortunately...


new start!

These two what I'm into these days.
I need time to get used to everything for new, and I have enough time to do.


I really wanna go!

August 14 - September 13, 2009
Matchbox Gallery @ Junctionview Studios
Opening Reception: Friday, August 14 from 6 pm to midnight.
Come check out the artwork at Yummy!, a show which explores eating, drinking, cooking, dining and everything related to food. At the opening reception, enjoy delicious refreshments provided by local restaurants and musical acts throughout the evening. After the sun sets, stick around for the 10th installment of Pecha-Kucha Night, where creative presenters have 20 seconds to talk about each of the 20 slides of their work. Top off your night with a very special movie screening! Admission to the opening reception is free, but please bring a non-perishable food item or some cash to donate to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.
Participating Artists:Adam BrouilletteAimee SonesAlissa SorensonAmy NeiwirthAngie LillyAnne HolmanCarolyn SlebodnikCorey AumillerCyndi B. McAfeeDan GerdemanDaniel ElsonDeb DiSalvoDevon Palmer Emily-Kitturah WestenhouserEric Paul OwensHeidi KenneyJudy C. GerdemanJungyeon RohKat MoyaKate BungeKevin WardLarry DoyleLinda DiecLou McAfeeMatt EskucheMarina GoldshteynMark MattsonMelissa AyotteMeredith HostMollie HannonNeil Jeffery, Jada LealRamona MoonSam CorlettSharon H. BellWendy YeagerYoni Mizrachi
CHECK OUT THE YUMMY! BLOG:http://yummyartshow.blogspot.com
I'm so glad that I'm a part of this show with amazing artists!!


print print print!!

I was little worried to silkscreen them today because I've been away from print shop since this summer started.
However, I'm glad that I still feel the same way as before, and still remember how to do it. lol
love love love silkscreening!!
These lucky two pieces are ready to go to Ohio.



I got an e-mail from Desert Island last night, and the title was 'good news'.
It said my sushi book was sold last night.
It was a good news, but felt little sad....
I've been thinking why I'm so sad at the good news, and realized that I might have thought them as my babies.
I should have made more, but I've started working on another project since then, so I have only 10 babies, and they are...

#1- sent to my parents in korea
#2- gave to David Sandlin who is my precious teacher
#3- sent to Printed matter
#4- consigned to desert island, but it was sold...
#5- consigned to Rocket ship
#6- gave to s.
#7- mine for artist proof
#8- damaged
so, now only 2 left...
Should I be excited or sad at this moment?
I might have put my soul when I made them.- could it be the reason?
I should be happy though :D


It's all about FOOD~!

Here is the process of my food drawings.
It makes me think about the relationship of food and women.- It's serious.!
Also, food and my work.
I really enjoy doing this even though they make me stick on the desk.
I hope the finals come out well.
Thanks again!


Another challenge

The unbelievable time with my mom is finally ended today.
Now, I feel like JFK airport is my second familiar place in NY. - no tears in the airport..!
The first city that I arrived in America was Chicago in July 2004.
I can't believe it was 5 years ago, and I'm now 5 years older than when I first came to america.!!!
At that time, I could only speak " hello" "Hi".... so shame on me....
Chicago gave me a big challenge to decide to study abroad in America.
And now, I'm here in New York. ( honestly, I used to regret that I should have chosen Chicago art school instead of New York's for the first 2 years...)
It was my third time to visit Chicago, and Chicago always welcomes me like my birth place.
Yes.... taking one month to travel around is good for me, but it is hard to sit on the desk to draw again....
However, here is another challenge for two years.( not sure...It could be only two months, two weeks, or two days!!)
I don't know I can do it or not.
My friend said it's my choice, but he'd prefer me not to be...
How can Sushi-girl cannot eat fish?? -that might be the main reason.
Trying to challenge my life is good, but I have to be tough or tofu. lol
Foods that are allowed include:
Organic fruits and veggies
Soy products, beans, and nuts
Organic canola, olive and sesame oils, and coconut oil
Whole-grain cereals and bread, whole-wheat pasta, vegetable pasta, tortillas, brown rice, barley, quinoa, potatoes, and sweet potatoes
Organic corn chips; tofu ice cream; and
desserts sweetened with cane juice, maple syrup, raw sugar, or other natural, unrefined products
Water, decaf green tea, and organic red wine on occasion.


Do I love NY?

The answer can be 'YES'.
I took my mom everywhere in NY these days.
It allowed me to find the REAL value of staying in New York city.
My mom said that New York is just like Seoul, but I don't think so...
Everywhere in NY has stories for my life.
They are all the inspirations of art.


Blue pencil sketches!

I chose my second ex- boyfriend story as the first tight pencil sketch.
I love love love drawing with my blue blue blue pencils!!! The feeling is so charming!!
Either people like these funny sketches or not, I really enjoy drawing the second ex-boyfriend story.
Can't wait to finish inking!!!
I hope it comes well by silkscreen too.^^