I really wanna go!

August 14 - September 13, 2009
Matchbox Gallery @ Junctionview Studios
Opening Reception: Friday, August 14 from 6 pm to midnight.
Come check out the artwork at Yummy!, a show which explores eating, drinking, cooking, dining and everything related to food. At the opening reception, enjoy delicious refreshments provided by local restaurants and musical acts throughout the evening. After the sun sets, stick around for the 10th installment of Pecha-Kucha Night, where creative presenters have 20 seconds to talk about each of the 20 slides of their work. Top off your night with a very special movie screening! Admission to the opening reception is free, but please bring a non-perishable food item or some cash to donate to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.
Participating Artists:Adam BrouilletteAimee SonesAlissa SorensonAmy NeiwirthAngie LillyAnne HolmanCarolyn SlebodnikCorey AumillerCyndi B. McAfeeDan GerdemanDaniel ElsonDeb DiSalvoDevon Palmer Emily-Kitturah WestenhouserEric Paul OwensHeidi KenneyJudy C. GerdemanJungyeon RohKat MoyaKate BungeKevin WardLarry DoyleLinda DiecLou McAfeeMatt EskucheMarina GoldshteynMark MattsonMelissa AyotteMeredith HostMollie HannonNeil Jeffery, Jada LealRamona MoonSam CorlettSharon H. BellWendy YeagerYoni Mizrachi
CHECK OUT THE YUMMY! BLOG:http://yummyartshow.blogspot.com
I'm so glad that I'm a part of this show with amazing artists!!


print print print!!

I was little worried to silkscreen them today because I've been away from print shop since this summer started.
However, I'm glad that I still feel the same way as before, and still remember how to do it. lol
love love love silkscreening!!
These lucky two pieces are ready to go to Ohio.



I got an e-mail from Desert Island last night, and the title was 'good news'.
It said my sushi book was sold last night.
It was a good news, but felt little sad....
I've been thinking why I'm so sad at the good news, and realized that I might have thought them as my babies.
I should have made more, but I've started working on another project since then, so I have only 10 babies, and they are...

#1- sent to my parents in korea
#2- gave to David Sandlin who is my precious teacher
#3- sent to Printed matter
#4- consigned to desert island, but it was sold...
#5- consigned to Rocket ship
#6- gave to s.
#7- mine for artist proof
#8- damaged
so, now only 2 left...
Should I be excited or sad at this moment?
I might have put my soul when I made them.- could it be the reason?
I should be happy though :D


It's all about FOOD~!

Here is the process of my food drawings.
It makes me think about the relationship of food and women.- It's serious.!
Also, food and my work.
I really enjoy doing this even though they make me stick on the desk.
I hope the finals come out well.
Thanks again!