H.O.T- Almost!

Can you believe that I printed the last page today?!!! SMILE!!! :D


H.O.T got into IPCNY!

I got an exciting news yesterday from IPCNY.
Two pieces of H.O.T got into their New Prints 2011/Summer.
All my idols were exhibited from the gallery, so it's my big honor to be in.
Sorry to not post my new work until May, but it will be better you check out them at our thesis show!

SVA MFAI Thesis show opening: May 5th 6-8pm at SVA gallery in Chelsea. (I'll post details later)

IPCNY show will run from June 9, 2011 - July 29, 2011.
The opening reception will be Thursday, June 9, with an artist's reception from 5 to 6pm, followed by the public opening from 6 to 8pm.

Please mark your calendar!
I can't wait until May... especially in this beautiful weather!!!
Thanks again!!

Oh, Special Thanks to David Sandlin & Josh Cochran!! xoxo


Silver award from Society of Illustrators LA!! ♥

Silver award for my American Boys book from SILA 49.
Society of illustrators NY 52.
Yay, my ball head is there!
Desire series looks really good!
Bonus pic: The queen of spades at the Metropolitan Opera. ( hopefully it became my new hobby going to Opera!)

Needless to say, I LOVE SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS both NY and LA!!!
I got an unexpected package from LA yesterday, and the box included the beautiful silver award!
Thanks so much, and endless love to SILA and SINY!

"Have a good, productive break--work! Work! Work!" -David Sandlin
The last sentence of David's e-mail made me a dork-nerd girl again, but I AM happy!!! ye...s... really...
Today is the last day of my last spring break, and I wish tomorrow is May 13th! haha

It smells like spring already! Have a sweet spring of 2011!


Ten veggie icons

Can't really wait to finish my H.O.T book!
It was all my heart in for about a year.
Almost there!! :D


The birth of VEGAN venus- H.O.T

View from my studio.
Last Month's critique. Half done at that time!

I finally ran out of printing all the separations that I made today. I had a lot fun so far!
Now I have to do more idea sketches for four more pages that I have to entirely change.
AWWWW..... JOSH! and DAVID!!!! boooooooooo!
I was too lazy to make good-looking idea sketches, so then I kept sending crabs to my heroes, and they didn't even look at it. ha! hahahahaha....
So I made my mind to make at least 3 sketches for each with all my heart in it... :D
I AM SORRY.... ha....hahahahaha.

This year my second OPT started after May.
When I realized it was my second time to extend to stay in America, I was really sad for a while.
There's nothing wrong with the second OPT, but it made me miss home. a lot.

In 2009, when I graduated my undergrad school at SVA, There's a lot of reasons I have to stay in America.
And I was like a dreamy, and some dreams came true fortunately.

Now, in 2011, I found there's only one reason I have to stay in America.
Only one reason is not good enough, and the one reason is I love what I'm doing here.
So then, I decided to make another important reason to stay in America. or I have to. or I must.
After that, I'll make ten more reasons.

Have a good break!
I'll have fun with all my sketches!!... :)