December 5th 11am~7pm

Here is the info of your new plan for next Saturday. (December 5th)
I'll be there with my books, prints and postcards.
Hope to see my homies there!! xoxo

Our Lady of Consolation Church
184 Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11211


something new

I did the top two drawings last week in carol's class.
That was my amazing unexpected experience of drawing Dirty Martini show girls at school.
Drawing various models is the greatest worth while I study abroad in America.
If I was in Korea, I never had that kind of experiences there.

The middle two pictures that I took today for preparing tomorrow's open studio.
My new works up on my studio! but not yet in the website.

Today, we went to Gleason's Gym for carol's drawing class.
It was also an unforgettable experience drawing boxers. ( oh, smells also.)
Me and my new pink camera in the mirror. :D

I gotta do a looooot of work.....from now on... aw...