Silkscreen process 01

Color separations. Even though they're all black, I could imagine the color after they printed. The top one is going to be Pink.
Love love love Grey that I made! no white and black in it! Making cool Grey color was the most difficult thing for me for the past two years! :P and now I can see myself as an expert of making the awesome Grey which is my favorite color! :)
While I was printing, I mostly put (or threw away) some color test papers and trial squeezes on the floor. (and I cleaned completely after I finished as Goody Two Shoes. )
Pink color separations printed!
Green color printed! I realized that the boy's hair couldn't be the same green because he is Blondy Mr. Bartlett! so it made me make another yellow separation after this. The unexpected situations sometimes happened in the World of Silkscreen which I SHOULD love... :P

I was expected to see finished this piece by today, but printing three color separations were enough for a "weak" vegan girl.
Mostly, before printing the line color at last, I couldn't really see how much the final work successfully done.
That's why Silkscreen is much harder medium than others. (Of course... there is another evil existed whose name is Etching!!)
Sometimes Silkscreen pigments felt like using Watercolor somewhat. It because of they are both water-based?...
And cruelly it never allowed the artists to make any mistakes....

Well, I hope you enjoy seeing my working process.
I made the hardest work plan for this whole week!
And, seems like I started right today.
yay? :D

ps. I'm so fall in love with Coconut milk & ice cream these days!!! (and I'm trying to take B12 everyday. Thank you.)
  • Dairy Free / Lactose Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Rich in Medium Chain Fatty Acids
  • Excellent Source of Vitamin B12 (vegetarian friendly)
  • Formulated for Maximum Calcium Absorption
  • Cholesterol Free
  • No Trans Fats
  • Certified Vegan


Before Miss Eggplant came to America

I just finished this page as a first spread before she took a boat to come to America.
It is funny enough to put my character into Miss Eggplant.
She was so grumpy when she lived with other eggplants in the supermarket!
Four more spreads to go!.... :)

Friday is the best day for working hard.... of course yes.!
but,.... :(


Broadway silkscreen page

I always enjoy doing silkscreen, but the only problem is making me worn out like a sick person at the end of the day.
I've printed this page for two days, and felt real pain especially shoulders and arms. (and every single muscles...)
This page is going to be an exhibition to show at Broadway Gallery for the first two weeks of July called London Underground on BROADWAY, undergroundonbroadway.wordpress.com
After I finished printing this page, I got an e-mail from the curator Sophie.
She said she wants to use this page for the postcard for the show!!!
What a coincidence!! I'm so happy and hope she likes the changed color.

It is always nice to get along with other people at the print shop, but please please please leave me alone while I'm printing.
I can't be nice when you are asking some questions while I'm printing because the pigments are dried really quick, and I don't want to ruin my work.
And I can't really hear what you are asking because I only listen the sounds of squeeze...
If you've done silkscreen before, you might understand what I'm saying.
It is the most sensitive time for me.... :(

I'm happy with the color came out better than digital work, and hope it fits well with other pages.!!


Nurse Jackie Season 2, Ep11

After I got some rest about a month, I tried to work hard again at the studio.
I called/ texted one of my bros Ben to reunion G-spot, but he finally showed up today. ( lazy ASS!)
When Will came to the studio, he made a song such as- G~spot~G~spot~~Lalala~
I said we are ALL GIRLS! :P
I became too talkative with Ben until Pat complained he didn't want to listen our conversations.
At the end of the day, Ben found out my prints from Nurse Jackie!!!

I just forgot it for a while, but made me really HAPPY to have a big smile on my face.
They framed really nice, and great match with the funky East Village apartment!
(but Ben said the girl plays slut!... oh...)

I was just surprised that it was ep 11! not, 12...
I might something related with number 11 for sure.
It is probably a lucky number for me.

Thanks for Nurse Jackie and Desert Island again!
I've been thinking of my future in America for past few days.
I might be disappointed with something that I disliked about.
But I'm sure I still love New York so much.
And my dreams will come true for sure.

Thanks again! xo