Nurse Jackie Season 2, Ep11

After I got some rest about a month, I tried to work hard again at the studio.
I called/ texted one of my bros Ben to reunion G-spot, but he finally showed up today. ( lazy ASS!)
When Will came to the studio, he made a song such as- G~spot~G~spot~~Lalala~
I said we are ALL GIRLS! :P
I became too talkative with Ben until Pat complained he didn't want to listen our conversations.
At the end of the day, Ben found out my prints from Nurse Jackie!!!

I just forgot it for a while, but made me really HAPPY to have a big smile on my face.
They framed really nice, and great match with the funky East Village apartment!
(but Ben said the girl plays slut!... oh...)

I was just surprised that it was ep 11! not, 12...
I might something related with number 11 for sure.
It is probably a lucky number for me.

Thanks for Nurse Jackie and Desert Island again!
I've been thinking of my future in America for past few days.
I might be disappointed with something that I disliked about.
But I'm sure I still love New York so much.
And my dreams will come true for sure.

Thanks again! xo


Rich Tu said...

very awesome

Jungyeon said...

hahaha, thanks Rich! hope you feel better soon! :)