My work is going to be included in the Red Book, so I could only use two colors that I was allowed to use.

The deadline is October 4th, but I finished these two days ago.
(It's too early to post?).... hmmm... sorry if yes...

My situation of these days is - Shut up and draw.
one word for me- Hectic.


The Book Show

While I was working on this book project, I couldn't stop smiling/laughing/singing.
Yeah, American Boy (2008) by Estelle is the best song for FOB girls who live in America.
The obvious thing is that girls love my book for sure! ( even American girls!!)
Even though Miss Eggplant met various American boys in the book, I'm still curious about American boys~ ( or a boy?) ha!

The Book Show will be held in the gallery (SVA main building)- 209 East 23rd Street.
The dates for the show are September 23rd -October 13th.
The reception will be held on Tuesday, September 28th from 6 - 8pm.

We already finished the installation, and you can see my American Boys in the lobby.
See you at the reception!


The Playboy issue is on stands now!
Clay's winning piece!
Congrats to all!
A serious Pinocchio and a pretty girl~

I didn't really expect my work got in the magazine!
It was a great experience to be participated on, and I enjoyed.
Thanks Playboy!!

MOVADO- Fashion's night out pics!

I spent two more days to finish this piece! The title of this piece should be 'Sun Watch'?
We took photos on the red carpet! :D
About an hour later the painting started.
Movado store view!

I finally catch my breath since my second year started.
Lots of things to do continuously came up to me, and I shouted happily.
The first thing was on September 10th Fashion's night out New York at Movado's live painting.
My concept was making the watch as a big sunflower because people called Movado 'Sun Watch'. ( yeah, we had to study about Movado's history from their thick book! )
It gave me inspirations, so I made the piece 'happy sunflower fields'.
There is a silent auction at Movado in December, and I hope people like my piece.
I'm still waiting for my BEAUTIFUL watch!
Thanks and thanks again! :D


Miss Eggplant in SVA Annual 2010

Brendan's nice cover image!

I love my eggplant G-drive mini!
I was honored to be asked to submit my new work for SVA annual 2010.
The book came out really nicely, and love other works inside of the book!
The books were already "sold out", but I can give you one if you asked. ( I have three extras)
Thanks for having my work!


MOVADO- Fashion's night out

Movado celebrates Fashion’s Night Out on Friday, September 10, at the Movado Boutique in Rockefeller Center, NYC! Join us for Artist’s Night - an Artistic Celebration! In tribute to Movado’s rich and enduring association with the arts, Movado will unveil its new watch designs by renowned artist Kenny Scharf, while young emerging artists from the school of Visual Arts will be creating art ‘live’ in-store.

I guess -
young emerging artists from the school of Visual Arts- indicates three of us Kelly, Will and I... lol
I was honored to be a part of this AMAZING project recommended from my department, and I'm getting nervous day by day to prepare of it.
Even though I might be shy in front of many people watching me painting, but I'm ready to be a nerdy painter wearing SVA t-shirts this coming Friday at MOVADO shop! ehh... lol

Thanks and thanks!! ;)