MOVADO- Fashion's night out pics!

I spent two more days to finish this piece! The title of this piece should be 'Sun Watch'?
We took photos on the red carpet! :D
About an hour later the painting started.
Movado store view!

I finally catch my breath since my second year started.
Lots of things to do continuously came up to me, and I shouted happily.
The first thing was on September 10th Fashion's night out New York at Movado's live painting.
My concept was making the watch as a big sunflower because people called Movado 'Sun Watch'. ( yeah, we had to study about Movado's history from their thick book! )
It gave me inspirations, so I made the piece 'happy sunflower fields'.
There is a silent auction at Movado in December, and I hope people like my piece.
I'm still waiting for my BEAUTIFUL watch!
Thanks and thanks again! :D

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