Mixed Green Gallery

I had good time with my precious teacher Bruce and Rob in Mixed Green Gallery.
We enjoyed seeing Soner's work! His work's made people stop on the street.
Conglaturations Soner!!^^


Does anyone need Kookie??

I got a text last night that school's closed today because of the weather.
I'm looking forward to coming spring so badly since I've moved into this apartment which is about 5 blocks away from Central Park.
I supposed to be done the last piece of Tomer's personal piece today, but the printshop was close...
I wasted of my time all day with my pc, but I finised reading the three of my favorite books. (except Wonder Bear... It's a picture book!)
I am such a big fan of Jeffrey Brown - I read all of his comics!! They are super hilarious!!!!
I'm still reading the last part of American Widow which is illustrated by Sungyoon Choi who is one of my role models.
Allie and Rita's cat kookie came to our house last Sunday. ( Hey, Ms. Sima! please come back to NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!)
She wanted to be a member of our family, but my sister has fur allergy unfortunately...
We might have hard time to say goodbye to Kookie. - but Kookie still stays with us!
Call me if you have interests of adopting Kookie.