The Movado 2010 Future Legends!

Wow! Thanks Movado, I love you. ooooo
The New York Times, Thursday Dec 9th, 2010, we were on the back page of the first section!

Click HERE to see.
Kelly, me and Will! ( The only pic we got... :P)
"Movado hosted a cultural arts event at the Visual Arts Gallery at the School of Visual Arts in NYC on Monday, December 6, 2010.
Movado honored five outstanding young artists with the Movado Future Legend Award following the ‘Night of Discovery’ celebration, held in collaboration with Derek Jeter's Turn 2 Foundation to honor ‘Jeter's Leaders’ – Turn 2’s premier youth leadership development program." (by Movado)

It was a fancy night!
Especially, I was honored to meet Eugene Tong who is a senior style editor, Details Magazine. (Even more than Derek Jeter and Wynton Marsalis, haha)
He had tons of sense of humor and I became a huge fan of him! (nice)
Thanks again Movado.
I'll do my best as a Future Legend! :D

Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival 2010!

Set up in the morning! yay I'm back!
My table!
Haha, unbelievable penal talk at 3 pm! Thanks for loving my sushi book.
Thanks for the photo Dretime! xo
Amazing panels- James McShane,Renee French and Leanne Shapton. Special Thanks to Bill Kartalopoulos!
haha, we all did good job even though we were all nervous at first. :) ( and people loved my rabbit sweater, so let's save rabbits' lives!)

Sorry for being lazy to my blog about a month. haha...
I was super busy until the beginning of December, and HOLY COW all good things happened to my nerdy life.

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival became one of my best memories in 2010.
And Thanks again for making me one of the penals with James McShane,Renee French and Leanne Shapton!
As a fan of their work, it was my BIG honored to be with them in a same group.
And thanks for coming to see me and buy my prints! ( I made a bundle again! )

The special thing was I met Vanessa Davis and became friends right after!
I've been her huge fan since 2006, but she was even more amazing in person!!!
Wow! BCGF is always good!!!!!

Special Thanks to Gabe (Desert Island) and Bill! xo


NY Times Op-ed Townies- the fourth and last blogging of November!

It's now on the main image of The Opinion Pages! :D

The second 4 idea sketches
This one was chosen!

The first 4 idea sketches.

Sad or not, my 4 contributions of Townies finally ended yesterday!
Here is the link http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/12/01/speaking-in-tongues/
Thanks for all the support and love for my tough, hard, fun, and enjoyable November, and can't forget the experiences that I had for Townies.

Illustrating the best Korean female writer's columns made me rethink about being Korean woman in New York, and found that I love my country and Kreens! :D

Special Thanks to the best art director Alexandra Zsigmond and the hottest writer Mary H.K. Choi!

Now, it's time to go back to my thesis project - Hot Vegan Book!!! :)