New book project.

Here is the project that I started this semester for a class.- Buying Lenin by Miroslav Pankov.
It will be double sided accordion silkscreen book. I hope I could be successfully done at the end of this semester.
I was out of mind for the past few days, and then I finally realize that oh...I'm in New York now... I have to wake up from the stupid dreams.
The last picture is a bonus - me and my new dog at the running track in Central Park. I'm glad to have this dalmatian even though it's not a real. :D


Vanessa Davis

This is why I like her comics.
Working at the studio all day...I'm half dead...


on location drawing- governors island

One beautiful day, we went to governor's island for location drawing.
We drew our journey through the festival from one end to the other.
For preparing to make a masterpiece, my friend and I bought a cup of Heineken.
It helped me to refresh, but it didn't really work well for my drawings...lol
I really enjoyed the time,but none of them are my favorite... unfortunately...


new start!

These two what I'm into these days.
I need time to get used to everything for new, and I have enough time to do.