Some blabbing.

I've waited for a long time, and I did it.
Books that I'm trying to conquer for the rest of the summer.
A lovable Chocolate that I found at Trader Joe's.
Broadway Gallery.
Thanks for having my work there!

Only few days left made me sad already.
This Summer was unexpectedly busy, and I appreciated making my time worthy.
The only thing I did for myself was running three tracks of the 1.58 mile running track at the Central Park almost everyday.
My sister sometimes worried about my obsession of running, and said,
" I saw an Asian girl today at the subway who seemed to run from the Central Park had elephant sized legs... your legs are going to be like her if you keep running everyday!"
But yeah, it sounded impossible and I hope my legs remained human size.


Rabid Rabbit Goes to Hell (Issue #12)

About two months ago, I was asked to be one of contributors for Rabid Rabbit #12 issue!
I love comics and it was only two pages doing as a first time contributor.
It seemed easy as pie for me at first.

However, I've ONLY drew, dreamy, lovely, funny, humorous, funky, gross, foods stuff so far, it was the first time to draw scary things for me.
As a Vegan girl, I chose Anti Fur, and made the SCARY~~~ story. haha

It took twice( or three?) times than I usually spent for two page comics before, and made me like a real crazy mad woman like the main character's face!!!!!
Looking at the reference photos made me really disgust sometimes, and my head had only negative shits.

But, yeah.... as you see, it's all done!
and I returned to a positive Miss Eggplant again! ( I guess... )
Thanks to Marshall for recommending me to do the honored stuff, and hope my work is good match for the issue!

Side blabbing about Vegan:
" You will pee in your pants when you see how much weight you lose from giving up dairy." -Skinny Bitch-

Now, I'm experiencing this in reality... Should I be happy? haha.... aw...



Miss Eggplant never forget your kindness if you sincerely treated her kindly.
Never ever!

This print will be in Miss Eggplant's top lovable 15 people's mailboxes.
Thanks again!


Here is the taking Roller Coaster with Jonathan print.
When I printed this page, his faces all disappeared from the thin line drawing, so I retouched 30 pages of his "gross faces" :)
Once I thought every color was too bright, but my teacher said it seems like getting the brilliant sun everywhere.
So I left the colors, and really happy with it now.

Need more time to make it perfect.


Silkscreen process 02- Ready to bind?

This whole week must be the busiest week in the Summer.
I totally forgot to take photos of the last three colors when I printed... ( yeah... I'm not really close with taking photo stuff... ) sorry I missed it.
However! I figured how I'm gonna bind the entire book with my precious teacher David Sandlin, and got some advise from Sakura & Dominick. - Thanks always! xo

I hope 'Miss Eggplant's American Boys' is not only my personal story. - this is what I'm worried about...

I have three more weeks to do.