Some blabbing.

I've waited for a long time, and I did it.
Books that I'm trying to conquer for the rest of the summer.
A lovable Chocolate that I found at Trader Joe's.
Broadway Gallery.
Thanks for having my work there!

Only few days left made me sad already.
This Summer was unexpectedly busy, and I appreciated making my time worthy.
The only thing I did for myself was running three tracks of the 1.58 mile running track at the Central Park almost everyday.
My sister sometimes worried about my obsession of running, and said,
" I saw an Asian girl today at the subway who seemed to run from the Central Park had elephant sized legs... your legs are going to be like her if you keep running everyday!"
But yeah, it sounded impossible and I hope my legs remained human size.


Aram Kim said...

That broadway gallery looks very lovely! :-D Sounds like you've had a wonderful summer so far! Don't know what you had in mind at the end of your posting, but yes, let's have a good day! :-)

Jungyeon said...

Hey yo my buddy!!
We are having the same show at the Bruce's! I'm very excited, but I can't make the opening.. I hope your Summer goes well so far. I always keep you in my mind!! Don't forget my love!!! xoxo

Alden V said...

I'm a printmaking student at SVA. I love your stuff!!! Very inspirational.

Jungyeon said...

Thanks for the compliments Alden! Good luck on your work! :)

Aram Kim said...

Hey Girl,
When are you coming back??
I called you just a few days after the comment, but you were already gone. T.T
Invite me to your SVA opening, okay??
Hope you are enjoying your vacation at home. :-)