Silver award from Society of Illustrators LA!! ♥

Silver award for my American Boys book from SILA 49.
Society of illustrators NY 52.
Yay, my ball head is there!
Desire series looks really good!
Bonus pic: The queen of spades at the Metropolitan Opera. ( hopefully it became my new hobby going to Opera!)

Needless to say, I LOVE SOCIETY OF ILLUSTRATORS both NY and LA!!!
I got an unexpected package from LA yesterday, and the box included the beautiful silver award!
Thanks so much, and endless love to SILA and SINY!

"Have a good, productive break--work! Work! Work!" -David Sandlin
The last sentence of David's e-mail made me a dork-nerd girl again, but I AM happy!!! ye...s... really...
Today is the last day of my last spring break, and I wish tomorrow is May 13th! haha

It smells like spring already! Have a sweet spring of 2011!

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