I went to Desert Island with my genius awsome friend Tomi today.
We both had some good news, and my Public Bath book was also sold few days ago. ( not only sushi book...!!)
Desert Island is my favorite book store which only has awsome stuff that I really like.
The thing I really like is if I sold my stuff there. I can also get my favorite books instead of money. If i want.
I traded part of my money on my favorite books which I borrowed from the SVA library since I was there. ( I borrowed Vanessa's book one hundred times... lol)
I was so much inspired by Jeffrey, Vanessa and Adrian's stories to make my seven ex-"boyfrineds" comic.
Especially Vanessa's book is the one which made me start doing comic.
The only different thing is - Jeffrey and Vanessa's stories about relationships are all true, but my boyfriends are not "REAL BOYFRIENDS"...unfortunately... ( 7... sometimes people asked me, " Did you have seven ex- boyfriends?? my answer is, " OMG, I wish I could...)
So, now I'm really happy for having them all to myself.
But, I couldn't buy SHORTCOMINGS by Adrian... it was sold out. So, I chose the favorite chapter of OPTIC NERVE.
I'm also really appreciated the kindest people who I never met and bought my clumsy books.
Thanks again!!
Oh! now I'm selling my latest prints -Competitive eating and Watching what we eat @ DESERT ISLAND! $25 each.
I have big smile every time I went there. (Thanks Gabe and Tomi!)

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