Miss Eggplant

I broke or lost my _

hard drive which has all the important files that I've made since 2006,
my favorite brush pen which I bought just one month ago,

Such a tragic and stupid boring life!!!

but I found my favorite Asian boy from You Tube which became my recent hobby.
Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CqbZNHaf1o that I listen at least 10 times in a day.
He is only one who makes me laugh a lot these days.
These are all happened since last week.
I'm so out of mind.... but yeah...still doing comics.

To see my new comic click eggplant icon at http://www.jungyeonroh.com/


Aram Kim said...

yo~ long time no see!!! How have you been doing??? sounds like some tough stuff happened to you last week, but also sounds like some awesome stuff happened as well just a while ago! :-) My life is just not so awesome. T T
Sorry that you lost(broke?) your camera and hard drive...I guess that kind of things just happen sometimes.
But I LOVE this new comic!!!! So cute~~~!!! hahaha (and I also love eggplant. hehe)
Let's talk soon, girl~

Jungyeon said...

hey! I met hyesook last Monday. lol how's your life going?? hope to see you soon! I bought a new pink camera, so we can take new pics! :D happy hallowweeen girl~~~! (and check out my asian boy's MV)