HOLY SHIT! Another Gold Cube from Art Directors Club 90th!

I'm sure America LOVES me to stay here.
When I first logged into the award results page, I distrusted my eyes.
Winning three gold cubes in a year could be just "never-happening" thing, so I happily cried and asked ADC.

They said,

"The jury wanted to award ALL your work which is why they grouped them together as a compilation. They did not award you 3 Gold cubes, they awarded you 1 Gold cube for all 3 projects.
They had very few Gold winners, and they didn't want to award only 1 of the books, so they grouped them together. "

HOLY SHIT! I got another gold cube this year! It's not a dream!!! And I did really know why people cried out when they had the happiest moment.

Thanks America, Thank you ADC! It will be really helpful to get my O-1 Visa!! Foooor suuuurrrreeee!!! :D
So, here's the winners' announce page that they posted today, and made me get excited to find my name again under the Illustration Category! :D (Thank you & Thank you!)

Not only this news made me happy today.

Here's an interview I did with Co-op Branding which is a dreamy design company in New York.
Click HERE to see my complete interview that I prepared with Co-op since last summer.
Some episodes behind, and it was supposed to be a video clip.
But next time, I'll show my face! haha
Thanks soooo much to Joan and Thu! xo

Other bloggings about me posted today were from The Fox is Black and Meathaus.
Thanks so much! Today must be a good day for all the good news!

Oh, I just updated my website with all the new images from my thesis (H.O.T) project!
Check out and please come to our thesis show !
We just finished installation yesterday.
You can see all the original prints and my book, and other 20 artists' amazing works!
Thanks again for all!!




esup said...

Holy cow! Congratulations!

Jungyeon Roh said...

Yay!! Thanks Erin! :D

Julienne Mei said...

congratulations. this is motivational! haha :)