Jungyeon's sixth handmade book H.O.T- only 5 books in the world! :D It's finally done. I couldn't just believe the fact that I was done, and made me extremely happy every morning for a while. No more pressure for school! GOD!Got Communication Arts 52 few days ago. For me, it was the most valuable thing than any others to be in! because it was my first time to get into the magazine, and it's my favorite Townies series about being a Korean/Chinese girl living in New York! - yay that's me!
Bonus pic- Central park at night. (a lonely runner kept running day and night!)

Finally all done. I did make it! only next two days for the installation and everything will be really done!
It's time to enjoy my life finally!!!

For five years in America, I ONLY did study. STUDY STUDY.! ( never been to Circle, some Koreans asked me. haha... where is it?...) I didn't really go to Korea Town either. ( once in a year?...)
Some people who first met me treated me as a normal Korean girl, because of my appearance?... but sorry, I'd say I'm not. (yeah...I'm abnormal...) but I miss Korea for sure.

I was never that kind of nerd in Korea, but I changed a lot while I lived/studied here alone. ( of course I have a sister)
Believe it or not, when I was in high school, my second year teacher highly recommended me to
be a comedian. Some very famous celebrities went to the same high school as me at that time, so it could be a possible thing if my teacher really pushed.... haha

However, America made me change as a serious hard worker and extraordinary goody two-shoes. which is good for me in the Long Run.

I'll update the H.O.T images soon on my website!

Oh, and here's the images that have been selected to appear in American Illustration 30 Annual book.
Thanks so much! the party will be Nov 10, 2011! cool?!

Now, it's time to prepare my Artist Visa for a year.
At the final review with Marshall, David and Josh, I got a mission.
Oh, and Marshall emphasized " You are a funny girl. huh huh~" He probably saw my old-potential to be a comedian.

I can't tell what the mission was, but the mission will be possible. hopefully soon! ;)
The funny thing is that they all wanted me to keep working hard. sigh.... haha
OK, I will!

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