A dreamy brave nerdy girl

Since my undergradute last class ended, I've been thinking of the past three years in New York.
How I am a brave girl to come to NY which has nothing belongs to me; friends, family, even language....
My goal was 'studying' when I decided to come to NY, and I have been doing JUST 'studying Illustration' for past three years.
I'm still not good enough to be satisfied with my dreams, but I gained a lot of things.

Now, I have to do make a graphic novel which has to be over 60 pages during summer.
I've been thinking of what should I draw since I got a suggestion to do.
The half of my head has an idea of making it about My Seven ex- boyfriends' story, and another half want me to do 'My eighth boyfriend in the future'.

I'm trying to forget all about my country Korea for a while.
If I missed my country so badly, that helped me nothing to make this situation better....
I feel like being separated with my country little bit these days since I met Tom.

I don't know I could finish 60~80 pages of inking comic pages for 4 months,
but I'll try my best as always.

It is good for me to know what should I do for the future.
I'm pretty lucky girl.
but I still miss Soju.


Jen said...

Jungyeon-- I think you're one of the bravest people I have had the opportunity to meet through my time at SVA, I am SO impressed with your work this year, and I think you're AMAZING. Your hard work is really an inspiration to all of us, so don't worry about the future, it's obvious to me that you've got a very promising career ahead of you :)

Congratulations on being accepted to the MFA program, and good luck with everything-- I can't wait to see this graphic novel, it's going to be beautiful just like you and the rest of the work :)

See you tonight at the open studios!

PS- if you ever want to drink soju and eat samgyupsal, call me ;)

JungYeon said...

Wow!! Jen!! Thanks for kind words!! It makes me smile~ ^_____________________________^
I visited your website, and it is super GREAT! I think your work has been improved so much, and this year's work that you hang the open studio are my favorite. My sister really likes your work too!
It's nice to see your boyfriend at the open studio! Tell me how to make CUTE boyfriend for me!!^^
ps. conglaturations AI!!