Lil interwiews

NY Arts

I did two lil interviews recently.
Many thanks to Samantha Roldan from NY art magazine, and Jaap Proost for Beats Nothing.com from Amsterdam.

As you know or not, my lucky number is 11.
This year's on my birthday, I met some awesome people at the AI party and the after party.
But I didn't tell anybody the day( Nov 11th) was my birthday! ( because I don't like getting older? :P)
Happy belated birthday myself!! haha

Why #11 is my lucky number?

My Birthday is 11/11
My looooong-time school finished year is 2011
So, I am the class of 2011
My studio #11
I paid more often at the register #11 at the Trader Joes
Umm... what else?...


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