The first "finished" piece

Digital printer made me really miss working at the print shop.
It is much easier and faster for me to silkscreen than print out by computer.
I wasted so many papers...

Here is my first spread for the American Boys book.
Now, I realized that it was quite a huge project to finish in a semester. ( just keep living in a dork life.)
Hope you like it. :)

Here is the meaning of F.O.B from Wikipedia.
Will said that I'm a lemon. (not a banana yet, but also not a mango either.)
good good~ :)

Fresh Off the boat (or "F.O.B.") is a phrase used to describe immigrants that have arrived from a foreign nation and have not yet assimilated to the host nation's culture, language, and behavior.[1] It can also be used to describe the stereotypical behavior of new immigrants as, for example, their poor driving skills,[2] and their use of 'broken' English.

In the sociology of ethnicity, this term can be seen as an indicator of a nature of diasporic communities, or communities that have left their country of origin and migrated, usually permanently, to another country. The term has also been adapted by immigrants themselves or others in their community who see the differentiation as a source of pride, where they have retained their culture and have not lost it to assimilation.

In some instances, an "ethnic community" may find it difficult to shed a FOB image, independent of the degree of their assimilation.[3]

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Jess Ruliffson said...

I love the miss eggplant! she is looking good!