Sketches in a heavy snowy day

My favorite Timothy DeLaghetto is included!! :D
Here are some sketches of my new book project Miss Eggplant's American Boys.
Fortunately, my teachers really liked my ideas! hehehe
I had hard time to get more blue pencils from art supply stores which were around SVA.-useless!
But I went to china town pearl with two hungry beasts yesterday.
Pearl only had four left...!!!

I need to get 100 of prismacolor col-erase BLUE pencils!!! greedy...yes.

I'm so excited to make this book.
My face kept smiling while I was drawing, and the song was stuck in my head. ( even Will's head too)

I drew all kinds of American boys in this book.

Sorry, this book cannot include,

1. Gay guys.( sorry, will, gant and ryan)
2. Married guys. (sorry, chi and chris)
3. In a relationship or broke up in past six months. (sorry...)
4. Grandpas or babies.( so sorry...)

However, I'm thinking of including Marshall, Carl and David are for extras.- special exceptions!

ps. This is only for my book project. Don't ask me anymore about boy things!! boo!!!

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