Good start to 2011!

It took a month I finally have time for blogging!
I got some amazing news since the beginning of 2011, and felt like 2011 is going to be the best year!

1. Jan 3rd, 2011
Altpick 7 - First place overall winner in Illustration Series category.
2. Jan 6th, 2011
Society of Illustrators West (SILA) 49th annual - American Boys got a silver medal from the Graphic novel/ Comic books category, and Movado got into the Advertising category.
3. Jan 18th, 2011
Print Magazine Hand Drawn Competition -Selected as one of the inaugural Illustration competition winners.

All I can say is "Thank you so much!"

I finally started printing this semester for my H.O.T book.
I'm so excited to do it again what I can do the best, but one word for me -'hectic'
Even though I became tired-groggy- and a zombie at the end of the week, I had real fun with the heavy screens!
All my joints and shoulders said - "you're insane" but yeah.... I am truly insane for my work!

I'm not going to post the images I made until the thesis show at the end of April, but here is the first test proof images I printed yesterday.
Papers and colors are going to be changed.

I'll post the award images as soon as they are ready.

Oh, Happy new year all of you!! :D

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