Vegetarian Tribal Gangsters (2007)

Finished piece. Left guy has a weirdly short arm...lol
I used to use pencils for sketches. Marcos revised my sketch with pink. :)A Rabbit in a Human Coat, 2006Reference photos Marcos sent to me.

If you met someone and he/ she gave you a big inspirations for your dream, you are probably a lucky person.
For me, I can directly say one of MY teachers who made me feel like a lucky person is Marcos Chin.

This is the first work that I did for his class in Fall 2007.
It's funny because at that time, I had no interests of Vegetarian/Vegan things, but I did Vegetarian Tribal Gangsters and A Rabbit in a human coat not on purpose.

Now, I no longer want to paint my work, but looked at old stuff made me smile for a while and remind me the valuable memories.

I think my goody- two-shoes personality was a good match with his class.
When I got this e-mail with revising sketch of mine, I felt like I already found a genuine teacher of my life.
I'd never met a teacher who revised and suggested, and sent reference photos for my work.

this looks great - but now it's too much "gangster" and not enough
i attached your sketch below, but added a few more things...
maybe the 2 guys are wearing more "vegetarian tribal accessories"?
perhaps give the guy on the left, more necklaces... or have the both
of them with some marks on their faces, like war paint.
i thought it might be funny to have the guy on the right holding some
sort of club - but maybe it looks like a mix between a large stick
and broccoli..
i love the birds in the sky as well... it makes the city look sort of
like a jungle...
also think of the environment and how you can make it more "tribal"
anyway, you can take these suggestions and start working on the final.

This was first, but I worked much harder week by week for the rest of his class until the end.
I always looked forward to every 12 o'clock on Thursdays, and really enjoyed every single assignment he gave us.
Some people asked me if they took his class could change their lives too, but I'd say it all depends on how much you did for the class.
If you spent most of your time hanging out, dating, drinking, and shopping, and expected to your teachers change your life, I'm sure you are still a big baby.
Teachers never change your life. It all depends on you.

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